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From Petrochemical processing to the ER in a hospital, every manufacturing and service environment is different. The wall, floor, ceiling, and/or coatings must be perfectly matched to meet the specifications required by the environment. Hence, We have listed a wide variety of jobs that show the many applications that we work with. Some require the toughest of materials and others require materials that control the growth of Micro-Organisms.

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Tire Dealership
Lobby of a Tireshop
Auto Shop
Workfloor of an Auto Shop
Aviation Hangar
Commercial Flooring for a light aircraft hangar.
Cheese Warehouse
Cheese Warehouse with Industrial flooring.
Medical Facility
Medical Facility Flooring.
Food Service
Food Service Flooring
Prison Commons
Industrial Flooring for many applications.
Above Ground Storage
Industrial Coating for Above Ground Storage
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Industrial Coating
Flooring for Many Applications
Water Tank
Progress of Coating on Elevated Tank
Performing Arts Center
Flooring system for Performing Arts Center
Pharmaceutical Inc
Clean Flooring System
Chiller Plant
Coating System for Pipes
Bridge Coating
Coating on Steel for Bridges
Pipe coating
Pipe Coating High Temp
Flooring Restaurant
Flooring before Completion of Kitchen
Vet Flooring and Wall
Systems for both Floor and Wall
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Copyright Superior Surfacing © 2024. All Rights Reserved.
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