We offer Multiple Systems to help you on your project. Whether you just want to purchase the material or have us install it, be assured that you will be getting the highest quality product at the best price.

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Flooring Systems

Heavy Duty Flooring, Non-Slip, Anti-Organism

Processing and manufacturing facilities, along with Commercial facilities (Retail, Restaurants, etc.) face incredible stresses through sustained use, often under extreme conditions. Our line of coatings protect processing and manufacturing facilities from these strains and extend the life of such facilities.

Our Materials feature lasting floor and wall coatings that cure fast and are low odor, which limits facility downtime during installation. Your facility can also enjoy the benefits of a custom-selected Micro-Clean System for seamless floor-to-ceiling coverage, enabling easy clean-up and minimized maintenance.Read more


Wall Systems

Seamless, Chemical Resistant

Enjoy a smooth, seamless, staing and splash resistant epoxy wall glazes that work in conjunction with all floor systems. Chemical resistant against splash and spills, this is good option to coat your walls for ultimate protection.Read more


Lining Systems

Defense Agains Corrosion

Our lining systems include a wide range of materials to resist extreme temperatures and chemical attack. It can resist exposure to inorganic acids, concentrated sulfuric acid, and most solvents and alkalies. This is a must when dealing with harsh chemicals that can normally damage bare walls, sinks, or floors. Read more


Tank Systems

Acount For The Weather

Tanks face a number of adverse conditions, including violent weather, temperature swings and constant immersion. We deliver protective water coating systems known for high performance and lasting durability.

Our history of rigorously tested, proven reliability offers the industry top-performing protective water tank coatings for concrete and steel potable water tanks, including NSF Std. 61 certified coatings for interior applications. Many choose this option also for the rich color palette, which can turn a mundane storage tank into a vibrant source of pride.Read more


Residential Systems

Keep Aethetics a Priority

We offer a complete line of interior and exterior residential coating solutions for protection from corrosion, impact and abrasion, all while beautifying and preserving for years to come.

In order to provide full protection both inside and out, the protective coatings are also chemical resistant, which is important to protecting your floors in different settings. Whether its a Garage, Mud Room, Basement, or Storage Area, we are sure to have a solution for you. Read more


Industrial Systems

Protect Against Anything

We offer a broad spectrum of industrial coatings for everything from petrochemical processing to power generation and pulp and paper mills. No matter what the conditions of the environment, we have the expertise and technology to provide the industrial coatings that will protect your structure against corrosion, abrasion, weathering and chemical abuse. Industrial protective coatings expand the life of industrial facilities by protecting the inner and outer workings from the elements and the effects of extended use.Read more

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